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Welcome to La Bruja, if you are new to our coffee shop, this will be our fifth season open, and Christy and I are excited to say Bienvenidos and Welcome to Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico, the home of great fishing, good surfing, and friendly people 🙂

Dating back to mid-16th century, Barra De Navidad was first discovered when the Spanish conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Father Andre de Urdaneta stopped in on their way to the Philippines.

Now, it has a population of 7,000+ people. –All of whom, come together to make a wonderful small town!

The town is primarily based around fishing, farming, and tourism. And… because it is, we have an array of great food in the area! Whether you go out to a fun restaurant or eat in at home.

Now, if you don’t necessarily have a home in the area, there are plenty of great places to stay; including, hotels, apartments, and houses for rent –at varying prices.

Most of which have wifi, and for some reason they don’t, there are a number of places around town that do, including our shop.

In addition to great food, reasonable lodging, and wifi in the area, we have some decent shopping, too! In town, you can buy groceries, household items, clothing, jewelry, and artwork.

And speaking of artwork… In our area is a variety of art to be seen. Unlike La Manzanilla, where the folks are little more organized than we are, we do in fact, have a number of artists in town.

One of which, is Robert Hansen, a fantastic photographer that also has a gallery/restaurant/and tequileria in town. There you can have a special evening out, and view some incredible art!

A little less formal, is Hector’s Bar on the corner, which homes several paintings by Joe Lusk and a few others.

Us at La Bruja included, carry local art. However, at the moment, we don’t have any art at the shop. Once we do though, we will announce the artists featured.


*If you are an artist in the town and would like to show some art, whether you want to sell it or not, please feel free to stop by the shop and ask for Alison to line something up.

Photo by ychamyuen