Coffee Beans


At La Bruja we serve one of the best coffees roasted and produced to perfection. Locally made in our neighboring town -Melaque, by Ben Boyt of La Taza Negra. You will find that once you try a cup of his finest, you will be hooked.

Currently, these are the roasts Ben is producing.

MEDIUM ROAST –100% Chiapas
*This roast is really smooth and quite lovely. I am offering it as my regular house drip coffee. But… it is available for sale in bean form or as ground coffee.

DARK ROAST –100% Oaxaca
*This roast is bold and robust, and full of flavor. I am using it for both my Iced Coffee Drinks and for my Espresso Beverages. It too, is available for sale -both in bean form or ground.

DECAF –100% Oaxaca (wet processed)
*Sold in-house and for sale by the bag, if anybody is interested not getting the caffeine buzz.

At the shop, coffee beans can be sold in whole or ground in the following increments.

  • 250 g (.55 pounds) $75 pesos
  • 500 g (1.1 pounds) $150 pesos
  • 1 kg (2.2 pounds) $300 pesos

Photo by tonx