*** Hot and Delicious ***

  • Americano A classic coffee beverage that can help start your day. 8oz 25  12oz 35 16oz 45
  • Cafe Mocha This rich and delicious blend of coffee and chocolate will sure to get your sensual side on. 8oz 35 12oz 45 160z 55
  • Chai Latte You will think you are in Portland, Oregon –so good! 8oz 35 12oz 40 16oz 45
  • Dirty Chai Latte Combining espresso and chai –Both delicious and energizing! 8oz 40 12oz 45 16oz 50
  • El Macchiato This beautiful combination of a simple shot of espresso and foam will knock your socks off. Single Shot 25 and Double Shot 30
  • Hot Chocolate That will remind you what it’s like to be a kid. 8oz 30 12oz 35 16oz 40
  • Hot Tea Currently, serving Two Leaves and a Bud (African Red, Assam Black, Jasmine, and Tamayokucha Japanese Green), and also Stash Teas (Chai, Chammomile, and Mint). 25
  • House Drip Coffee Simply nothing but the BEST! *Also serving it in decaf as well. 8oz 20 12oz 25 16oz 30 with ONE FREE re-fill
  • La Bruja Coconut Iced Coffee Just freakin’ DELICIOUS! *Also serving it in decaf as well. Single Shot 35 Double Shot 45
  • Red Eye One shot of espresso combined with a cup of regular drip coffee. –This drink will sure to get you ready for anything. 8oz 30 12oz 35 16oz 40
  • The Mighty Espresso Shot If nothing will wake you out of sleep, this just might -that is unless you are like me and a little A.D.D. Single Shot 15 and Double Shot 20
  • The Ol’ Cafe Latte This here drink comes with a whole LATTE of Love. You’ll see. 8oz 30 12oz 40 16oz 45
  • Un Cappuccino The best of all worlds with the mix of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, and 1/3 foam. This drink will make you melt. One Size 40

*Any additional shots of espresso or flavors cost an additional $5.

*** Cold and Refreshing ***

  • Affogato On those especially hot days, nothing tastes better than ice cream with a drizzling of espresso.Single Shot 25and Double Shot 30
  • Apple Juice Cold, sweet, and refreshing! 25
  • Chai Frappuccino Sexy and spicy, and COLD…. 45
  • Chai Iced Tea You just might think you are not in Barra. 45 
  • Coconut Iced Coffee You gotta put a tropical twist on something. –Why not a coffee drink. My guess is… you’ll like it. 45 
  • Coconut Water So simple, and yet so refreshing. Plus, it’s loaded with natural electrolytes. 30 
  • Fabulous Frappuccino On a hot day, nothing seems better. 45 
  • Freshly Made Agua Fresca Made daily using the best and most tasty of ingredients. Purely refreshing! 25 
  • Ginger-Lime Spritzer Chilly and Hot! SUPER DELICIOUS! 25 
  • Home Brewed Iced Tea Just like momma used to make and then some. 25 with ONE free re-fill.
  • Iced Americano Simply BOLD and refreshing. 35 
  • Iced COLD BREW Coffee Made from our in-house Cold Brew. Amazingly lovely on a hot day. 25 
  • Iced Dirty Chai Just when you need that extra kick with a sweet and sexy, spicy twist. 55 
  • Iced Latte A flavorful treat on a hot day. 40 
  • Iced Mocha Simply YUMMY! 55
  • Italian Soda Cool, bubbly, and refreshing! Flavors vary depending on what is in stock. 30
  • Maracuya Orange Juice Tart and refreshing. –My favorite cold beverage ever! 30
  • Mocha Frappuccino Dessert in a drink form. 55
  • Orange San Pellegrino Refreshiingly cool to the mouth, and tart to the taste. –Simply lovely! 25 

*Any additional shots of espresso or flavors cost an additional $5.

*** Lovely and Alcoholic ***

  • Cerveza Especial. Changes frequently, but always cold and delicious! 30
  • Colima Beers. We offer the Colimita Lager, Paramo Pale Ale, and the Ticus Porter 40

Photo by GoToVan