Shops You Should Know About


*** As For Groceries ***

Asturiana’s By far, the best place to shop for wine and liquor. It has the biggest selection and the best prices. Also, they are not bad to hit up for cleaning supplies, and condiments. Located in Melaque, on the second street on the right -coming from the main entrance into the town (the dolfin statue street going to the square).

Cooperativo Fish Market –In Barra, near the BIG Perota tree -where Restaurant Loco Loco is located. This place when stocked with fresh fishies …is a great place to swing by. –It’s especially good to hit up mid-day, too. And… if you don’t know it, they do de-scale, filet, and ground fish meat. So, if you wanna make tuna burgers, don’t fuss with chopping it up, have the boys grind it. Yep!

Ixtapa Run by some cool peeps -Elizabeth and Leno, and located just around the corner from my shop -near Publications Luna. Not a bad place to swing in and get those last minute items for dinner. Also to note, if you can’t find something, it might be in the refrigerator near the register.

El Mercadito Or… what I like to call Trader Jose’s. Also a favorite of mine. And… for those of you located in Barra, it’s in Barra, right across the street from Shom at Cafe Barra. This little magnificent store carries everything you need. Always super-clean and fresh. And… just a little heads up, they get their new arrivals on Tuesday and Friday.

Luis’s (sweet guy in a white v-neck across China’s bar) Though it is not Asturiana’s, it too is a great place to buy liquor at. Also, it’s not a bad spot to check if you are looking for something particular -sometimes, Luis has those odds and ends you can’t find.

Pelayo Located in the barrio of Barra, down the main road. Take a left at the street after Tacos Ramos, and it will be on your right side. This place is stocked with a variety of items. From veggies and fruits, grains and snacks, beverages and liquor, to office supplies and toiletry items.

Pirata One of my all-time favorite places to shop for fruits and vegetables. Not only do they have a huge selection of items, you can’t beat the price. For 200 pesos I get two large grocery bags full of goodies. The best days to go and take up on their awesome stuff is on Wednesday and Saturday –when they get their shipment of new arrivals. Located in Melaque, on the same side of the street of the church going towards the ocean.

Super Hawaii Located in Melaque, near the main square, just three shops towards the beach from the corner ice cream shop. Here, Alex offers an array of gringo-goodies. Including… Kirkland brand items, Organic butter, and speciality items, such as wasabi, avocado oil, etc. It’s a great place to stop by and get those last minute items you can’t find anywhere else. –Unless, you want to drive a couple of hours north or inland towards Guad.

Tunco It’s not the first pick, but it is my second…. to buy meat at. It’s good, and you can get a variety of cuts. If you drive to Melaque, coming from Barra, go down the first big paved road, swing a left on the next biggest paved road (about 2 streets from the ocean), it will be on your left side –BIG SIGN.

Vaca Feliz or a.k.a. Happy Cow In my mind, offers the cleanest and best quality meat around. They have two locations. Both located in Melaque (off of the main square), the first one is in the center market, close to the AWESOME juice place. The second one is two shops down towards the square from the other amazing store Pirata.

*** Household Items ***

Cristaleria Plasticos y Regalos Gladys Bad-ass spot to buy glassware and plastic shit. Also, they carry those needed items like: trash cans, water tippers, and kitchen gadgets. Located down the street from Asturiana’s towards the mirador.

Merceria y Tela Artisana’s y Regalos (Plasticos y Cristaleria) A great store to find all those little nick-nacks you need for your house. –Kitchenware, fabric, and decoration. It’s easy to find this spot, just go down the main road into Melaque, pass Super Hawaii, and it is right there on the right across the Juice Place.

*** Gifts for Yourself or a Friend ***

Oaxacan Arts This is THE store I go to to purchase those fabulous hand-painted plateware (talavera … I think is what is called). It’s also a great spot to get your family and friends a special something something. And… Pedro and his wife, Soila are incredibly inviting and helpful. They carry that plateware that I mentioned, jewelry, hats, bags, and lots of decorations. They are located near the church in Barra, right after Luis’s store on the right.

*** For Fishing ***

Farmacia Zurich Because I’m not the biggest fisher-woman, I don’t have much experience with this particular shop. But… I think it is the place to go in this area -when you are in need of some fishing gear. Located directly under China’s old bar, Backstage (or… Justin’s old spot Rey Momo).