The Menu


Well… what we have to offer is so much more than what is on the actual menu. We (I mean Christy and I) have charm and CRAZY AMAZING personality –whom happen to serve great coffee and delicious food!

Also on the menu, but you don’t necessarily have to pay for is… wifi. So, feel free to pop in, enjoy a cup of coffee, and check your emails. Or… if you must work, take care of business. But, remember to once and awhile log off, and have a conversation in-person. Remember, you’re on vacation 😉

And… if you are lucky and get to sleep in, unlike me who works at this wonderful shop early in the morning; come by for a cool and refreshing Colima Beer. Take some down time and hang out with me, or a friend, and enjoy a nice game of Scrabble or whatever floats your boat. I personally love Scrabble!

If you got plans and are too busy to just hang, simply stop in and play the raffle and win something incredibly cool! –maybe $5 pesos or $500 pesos.

Or…instead of winning money, you are one of the few that like to spend money. –Spend it on some of the art that is locally produced in town …by me (yeah me), or my fellow artisans around the area. We carry anything from paintings, drawings, greeting cards, calendars, to jewelry.

We also carry Porcelain To-Go Mugs with Silicone Lids, that are great for when you are on the go and want to keep your beverage hot! –They also feature the La Bruja logo, which is kinda cool!!!

This year we are also carrying a variety of both men and woman’s T-Shirts, designed with a surfer-style in mind. Along with T-Shirts, we also carry pretty kick-ass Trucker Hats!

And… if you aren’t familiar with Spanish yet, we also sell a fantastic English to Spanish translation book, called Surfer Spanish, written and collaborated by my lovely husband, Doug and our local community here in Barra. The book covers the basic surf vocabulary needed to get by on shore or in the line-up.

Honestly, check out what we have to offer at La Bruja. I guarantee that you will like something that we’ve got. Be aware, the menu changes daily as far as iced drinks and treats go. So if you really want to know the skinny, come on in.