Learn About the Baker



This seemingly southern-bell, from Arkansas learned about La Manzanilla from Will’s Gran.  Her Gran, whom later hooked Will and Leia into running a vacation rental complex Brisa del Mar.  Although it was a fantastic place and situation, Leia wanted to follow her passion 😉 …BAKING

Leia decided to open up Pan Encantado -her bakery. Which did amazing business!  That is when I was introduced to her.  …And was I ever excited!

Then…. she and our mutual friend, Alex opened up Magnolia’s Restaurant  — a FANTASTIC SUCCESS!  However fantastic, Leia decided it was too much for her, so she decided to go back to baking.  Alex on the other-hand is still running Magnolia’s, so don’t get sour quite just yet –IT IS STILL IN BUSINESS yeah!!! 

Keeping her bakery located in La Manzanilla, she is now baking for business around the area, like mine.  And…. it is a great thang! –Such a lovely little thang, that Leia….

She makes THE MOST AMAZING baked goods!

If you’ve swung by the shop last year, you would know…..  If you didn’t swing on in …shame on you, she makes the most comforting Cinnamon Rolls and Sticky Buns, perfect English Muffins, savory Sweet Breads, REAL home-made Pies, moist Muffins, delicious Cakes, and the sexiest Chocolate Desserts.


Photo by California 4-H